Recent Publications:


“The DARPA PerceptOR evaluation experiments”

Eric Krotkov, Scott Fish, Larry Jackel, Bill McBride, Mike Perschbacher, Jim Pippine

Autonomous Robots, Volume 22Issue 1

Pages 19-35

January 2007


“How DARPA structures its robotics programs to improve locomotion and navigation”

L.D. Jackel, Douglas Hackett, Eric Krotkov, Michael Perschbacher, James Pippine, Charles Sullivan.

Communications of the ACM , Volume 50 Issue 11

November 2007


“An Advanced Teleoperation Testbed”

Bill Ross , John Bares, David Stager, Larry Jackel and Mike Perschbacher

In Field and Service Robotics the Book Series “Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics”

Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg 2008

Pages 297-304

ISBN 978-3-540-75403-9


“The DARPA LAGR Program: Goals, Challenges, Methodology, and Phase I Results”

L. D. Jackel, Eric Krotkov, Michael Perschbacher, Jim Pippine, Chad Sullivan

Journal of Robotic Systems

Volume 23 Issue 11-12, Pages 945 - 973

Special Issue on Machine Learning Based Robotics in Unstructured Environments



Foreword, special issue on LAGR program”, Larry Jackel, Tom Wagner, Journal of Field Robotics Volume 26 Issue, pages117-119,